…two little photofilms…



…here with two little photofilms I created recently, both made of photos with my narration and ambient sound. It is not meant to be a news piece or my final statement on the subject but rather just an attempt to capture the mood and the feeling at the end of a long story.


If I left those “overnight” and re-edit them in the morning, I’m afraid some of authenticity would be lost. I know the writing is all about re-writing and editing is all about re-editing but I choose this path – is a first person account whose goal is to be honest (if anyone care?!), not to explain everything about everything.


40 is done on my 40th birthday –  I let the (compact) camera lead the way on a rainy day, I just followed and reacted. I recorded and edited it without planning, without much thinking. All done in few hours.


“Red in the land of smiles” is very different – a year and half and thousands of pictures on a big story that ended with election victory (but it did not really ended). I had to edit 18 months of work down to two minutes – many front page pictures were cut out (not easy!), events not mentioned, names left out… If I used all the big ones, I would end up with collection of strong stand alone pictures, sort of a “best of” with no structure, no beginning and no end. There are no narration and no sounds that would make such “best of” into story, not to mention essay.


I don’t care much about the tech part (that should be easy to learn and fix) but focus more on what I want to say. Not how but what.


There is a question – does this or similar have life in a world of news? Or it’s going to remain on blog pages forever?



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