Reporting on Thailand’s Forgotten Jihad

Rusnee Maeloh, a wife of Mahrosu Jantarawadee poses with a familiy album with pictures of her husband and children at their home in Duku village near Bacho in the troubled southern province of Narathiwat

Few weeks ago, my Reuters colleague Andrew Marshall and me went for another multimedia reporting trip to a destination that we both love and hate – to Thailand’s deep south. Underreported and difficult to sell/tell story somehow bleeds for years under the radar of big media with only occasional flashes and it is a challenge to do.

This time, the report focuses on Mahrosu Jantarawadee, a Thai Muslim militant that was killed with 15 others while attacking a military base in Narathiwat province. “Martyr to some, murderer to others”, Mahrosu’s story perfectly symbolizes the divide between Muslims and Buddhists in the southern Thailand.

Here is the report with pictures and here the “witness” video I recorded with Andrew in the troubled south.

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