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It is my great honor to join, as a contributor, one of the coolest blogs ever – the Footballists. It was started and for years masterfully populated by my friend Velibor Božović-Veba who lives in Canada. I live and travel mostly in Asia so I hope to bring little bit of oriental spice to the Footballists. Hope you will enjoy it! And hope you don’t mind I started with asking myself the same question everyone is asked here – why?


Damir June 15, 2013

Why Arsenal? I asked myself.

“Because Samir brought me this shirt.”

Indeed, although it is bit awkward for one displaced Bosnian (Samir, Lodon) visiting another even more displaced (Damir, Bangkok) to have a foreign team’s shirt as the present – this one worked very well and I liked it from the first moment.

Despite supporting a wrong team back home in Sarajevo – almost an inexcusable blunder – Samir is one of my dearest friends and I would be happy if he had brought me any other shirt. Liverpool let’s say or, God forbid, Chelsea. But, he chooses the Arsenal and even had their shop at Emirates made a shirt with my name on it.

For years now, Samir has his seat just above one of the corner flags at Arsenal stadium and I get my face into the screen trying to see him every time camera stops there. I started following and cheering for Arsenal because of Samir and even that little prick RVP didn’t make me change my mind.

However, I know one day Samir and Damir will take these shirts off and put back red and blue of their Sarajevo teams, the only ones that really matter. But, for now let it be Arsenal.

Damir Samir

Ps… this is my first post for, one of the coolest things that exist on the Internet. I could have put my two sizes too small Zeljo shirt for it, but it should be no surprise really why I choose to have Samir mentioned in my introduction – both him and Veba, the author of this genial blog, are very similar in what they do, and how they do it. Quiet and not-pretentious and good and so smooth that all of the others, me included, should learn a big lesson from these fine gentlemen.

I live and travel mostly in Asia so I hope to bring little bit of oriental spice to the Footballists. It is my honor and commitment to be a part of it.

Follow the Footballists 😉

  1. Definitely it’s time to wear your right shirt…I’m telling you this for years. Face the truth. Your people is waiting for you so long, and especially you are waiting for yourself.

    And next summer there will be someone to cheer for – letting down defenses and resistence once for all – and it’s no british’s Dragons but not from Asia, or maybe someway for the ancient and heavy past.
    Then let your blood flow in the veins, and tears from your eyes…it’s so much time.

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